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Over 77 million U.S households have someone who camps occasionally so the popularity and need for camper trailers have been on continuous increase amongst millennials. Just between 2020 to 2021, the RV industry association reported an increase of over 21% in new camper trailer registrations with the cost of one ranging from $5,000 to $50000. After spending this much buying a camper, the next question usually is “Do camper trailers need insurance”.

No, Camper trailers do not require a compulsory minimum coverage by insurance but when you see your camper trailer as an asset rather than just a property then you’ll rethink again.

In this article you’ll get to understand the reasons you should insure your camper, vital coverage plans for your camper trailers, how to increase the security of your camper, and factors that influence the cost of insurance for camper trailers.

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Do Camper Trailers Need Insurance?

No, camper trailers do not need a mandatory minimum insurance coverage by law before you can run them. This is because it is not a legal requirement however we highly recommend you get insurance for your camper trailer if it is really valuable to you because anything can happen.

Your camper may accidentally collide with an object or even other vehicles or maybe Unfortunately, sudden natural mishaps such as hailstorms could just damage your camper trailer, you could face incidents such as theft or you may lose valuables in your camper.

All these happen without a single warning and we know how frustrating it will be for you to take responsibility for all these kinds of unplanned events all alone from your own pocket in some cases you may lose your camper completely.

You don’t want to spend a fortune getting one and then something suddenly happens and you have no backup plan.

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6 Reasons Why Camper Trailer Insurance Is a Wise Choice

Here are six solid reasons why we highly recommend you get your camper trailer insured: 

  • You Get Coverage For The Cost Of Repairs In Case Of Accidents
  • Financial Protection From Sudden Disasters
  • Restoration Of Lost Valuables In Your Camper Trailer
  • Towing Assistance 
  • You May Get To Enjoy Coverage For Medical Bills
  • Compensation For The Interruption Of Your Vacation

#1. You Get Coverage For The Cost Of Repairs In Case Of Accidents

Accidents happen every day and even the most careful drivers suffer them and it does not respect the cost of your trailer. Now if your trailer collides with another vehicle or another object like buildings, trees, or rocks and sustains extensive damage you may have to shoulder a very huge cost of repairs which may run in thousands of dollars all alone.

If it happens you don’t have the funds you’d have nowhere to run to. But if you make the wise choice of insuring your camper trailer you won’t ever have to worry about the financial burden of repairs regardless of the extent of damage because collision coverage covers the cost of damages sustained on your trailers after a collision.

So as you can see getting Insurance for your trailer is one way of saving yourself a major financial setback.

#2. Financial Protection From Sudden Disasters

Another major hit on your camper trailer could be non-collision mishaps such as weather disasters like hailstorms, theft, vandalism, or even animal attacks.

All these unfortunate events happen suddenly and if you don’t have a plan in place against such misfortunes you will be paying more than you prepared for but comprehensive coverage will assist you in covering the cost of damages caused by such unfortunate, sudden events once they occur.

#3. Restoration Of Lost Valuables In Your Camper Trailer

Your camper trailer isn’t just a vehicle is a moving house like every home, it contains valuables. If any of the belongings in your trailer are lost to any unfortunate event insurance with contents coverage will take care of the cost for damaged electronics, personal items, camping gear, or any other personal belongings this helps you restore your valuables saving you the grief of loss.

#4. Towing Assistance 

If you’re one of those persons who could travel miles away from society in your camper trailer for hiking, or fishing in remote areas with no roads you’re likely to encounter the frustration of a flat tire or a mechanical breakdown in such places.

So when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere who is obligated to come find you? Of course your insurance provider. Towing assistance is one of the benefits many insurance companies include helping you get back on the road in no time.

#5. You May Get To Enjoy Coverage For Medical Bills

If you and your passengers happen to sustain injuries during an accident you should be aware that even the most minute one could be reading hundreds of dollars of medical bills however, some insurance plans actually offer both you and your passengers coverage for medical payments. Isn’t this such a great relief?

#6. Compensation For The Interruption Of Your Vacation

We know the frustration that comes with having your long-awaited vacation halted after so many preparations have been made in reservations or travel arrangements some insurance companies take up the responsibility of compensating you for the financial loss you may have incurred during such interruption.

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Vital Coverage Plans You Should Consider For Your Camper Trailer

Now that you’re aware it is not a must you get insurance for your camper trailer but you have decided to get one to avoid the risk of incurring financial burdens from circumstances beyond your control.

Here are the essential coverages you should consider:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Content Coverage

1. Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is one you must consider because of the likelihood of Collision occurrences. This coverage takes responsibility for the cost of repairs or replacements if your trailer happens to collide with another vehicle or object.

Getting collision coverage means saying goodbye to any financial burden that comes with experiencing an accident.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is your umbrella against sudden, unfortunate disasters like hailstorms, vandalism, theft, or scratches on your aesthetic drive by a falling branch.

Once you experience any of these unforeseen events, comprehensive steps to settle the bills of the damages incurred. The cost of repairs and replacement are covered so you don’t have to fear at all when disaster strikes unannounced.

3. Content Coverage

What are Camper trailers without all the essential properties inside that make it a moving home? When unfortunate events happen all or some valuables in your camper trailer could be damaged or lost leaving you with a huge financial burden for repair and replacement but Content Coverage covers the cost of replacements and repairs of some of the valuables and properties in your trailer after the loss. So restoration is guaranteed.

Additional Features You Can Put In Place To Increase The Security Of Your Camper Trailer

Unlike car insurance where you’re mandated to pay certain minimums, It is optional to get insurance for Camper trailers so you get to choose what you want coverage for based on how you intend to use your trailer and the risk you know you may encounter.

  • Personal Liability Coverage:

When unfortunate events occur with your camper trailer you may not be the only one affected it could also cause others harm or damage.

When an accident affects others personal liability coverage takes up the financial responsibility for the injuries your trailer may have caused others. Saving you from legal costs and expenses.

  • Emergency Assistance:

We don’t want you getting lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere with no one to reach out to for help.

Emergency assistance comes in when you encounter situations like a flat tire in the bush, or a total breakdown of your engine by offering you help with getting your trailer back to the road safely and quickly by towing. They also offer options for accommodation if your trailer becomes undrivable.

  • Off-Road Coverage:

This feature is very important if you’re one of those adventurers who love to immerse themselves deep in the beauty of nature far away from civilization. You likely take more rugged routes which are highly prone to the risk of damaging your trailers such as mountains, and rocky areas that are off normal roads.

Though you’re aware of the risk this feature gives you the peace of mind that you’re entitled to financial protection from any form of damage.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Insurance For Camper Trailers

Because you get to choose whether to get insurance for your camper trailer or not, the factors affecting the cost of insurance also depend on you. Let’s see how.

  • The Value of Your Trailer
  • How Frequently You Use It
  • Coverage of Your Choice

#1. The Value of Your Trailer:

Normally, it will cost you more to insure a high-value Camper. Especially the more expensive and sophisticated ones than those with lower value and cost.

#2. How Frequently You Use It:

The more frequently you use your camper the higher the risk of exposure to Potential unfortunate occurrences so be prepared for higher premium costs.

Do Camper Trailers Need Insurance? - Use
Camper trailers do not need a mandatory minimum insurance coverage by law before you can run them.

#3. Coverage of Your Choice:

If you opt for just a basic coverage level offering just essential protection for your camper then expect to pay less.

For instance, if you choose only collision coverage or only comprehensive coverage or content coverage depending on what you choose to protect it will cost less but going for comprehensive levels of coverage which includes essential coverage plus other additional coverage features like personal liability or emergency assistance will cost you more but the higher the level of coverage the broader the protection however it comes with a price.

How To Secure The Right Camper Trailer Insurance Plan

By now we’re sure you understand that insurance for Camper trailers is optional. Now that the decision depends on you, let’s delve into how you can make sure you’ve made the right choice perfect for your needs.

  • Do the Shopping And Compare Offers
  • Study and Understand The Offer Before You Buy
  • Streamline Your Search Based on Your Need

1. Do the Shopping And Compare Offers:

Visit multiple insurance providers, and obtain and compare the quotes from each of the providers. Don’t jump at the first offer. The first might not be the best. Look out for the combination of coverage that is best suited to your needs.

You should take advantage of counsel and advice from as many reputable agents as you can find. They’ll help you make the best choice. Also, getting quotes online for comparison could come in handy.  

2. Study and Understand The Offer Before You Buy:

Once a plan is presented to you study it and critically scrutinize the policies and terms of service before you opt for it. The price shouldn’t always be your point of Concentration because the cheaper option may not be perfect for your needs. Ask the insurance provider relevant questions to clarify unclear conditions.

3. Streamline Your Search Based on Your Need:

Understanding what you’ll be using your camper trailer for will inform you about the kind of insurance plan you should be looking out for.

Will you constantly be off the road or will you be taking risky terrains, going for excursions in remote areas? These are all factors to consider before choosing a combination of coverage types. Always mention them while you’re searching for a plan.

Distinguishing Features Of Camper Trailer Insurance From Car Insurance

Let’s clear some air as to why the insurance terms for camper trailers and cars may differ:

  • Mandatory or Not Mandatory:
  • Protection Spectrum
  • Towing Regulations

#1. Mandatory or Not Mandatory:

Car insurance is mandatory in many countries. There is a minimum coverage you should have legally before you even operate a vehicle but the opposite is the case with camper trailers.  

Camper trailer insurance is not mandatory. You can decide to run your camper without paying a dime for insurance because it is not a legal requirement. However, to be safer from unforeseen situations, getting insurance is highly recommended.

#2. Protection Spectrum:

The protection Spectrum for cars is limited compared to Camper trailers. Car insurance only offers coverage for risks encountered while on the road such as collision coverage, liability, and medical expenses in case of accidents and injury but Camper trailer insurance coverage is wider covering even incidents that may occur beyond or off the road.

There is storage coverage for risks that may occur while your trailer is packed for instance hailstorms. Off-road coverage for risks that occur off paved roads like mountains.

#3. Towing Regulations:

In some states, you may be required to have camper trailer insurance to have your trailer towed but in other states even if all you have is car insurance, the towing benefits you have for your car might extend to your trailer.

However, this benefit is not usually enough and will not provide an encompassing coverage like camper trailer insurance. Check your state regulations regarding vehicle insurance to be sure of your benefits.

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Why You May Want To Overlook Getting Insurance For Your Camper Trailer.

Some of the reasons include:

  • Getting an Insurance Plan is Expensive
  • You Probably Won’t Use Your Camper Frequently
  • Your Trailer Is of low-value
  • You’re Forgetting The Contents in Your Trailer
  • Your Campers Are In Long-term Storage

1. Getting an Insurance Plan is Expensive:

Based on your need you may just find the combination of coverages you’ll find useful too expensive to pay for considering that premiums are affected by your trailer value, driving records, and coverage options. You may just think the cost outweighs the benefits and push insurance to the side.

However, you never know how much you get to pay for replacement and repairs may far outweigh your insurance investment. So think again.

2. You Probably Won’t Use Your Camper Frequently:

If you already know that your campers may only be running occasionally you may consider the annual cost of insurance too much compared to usage.

However, it is important you know that even a single damage even when used just once could result in huge damage and expenses. So considering insurance is still wise.

3. Your Trailer Is Of Low Value:

You may be thinking your campers are already too old and not worth much in market value so why the effort? That may not be the best mindset because even the most minute basic repairs may be quite costly to your greatest surprise.

Moreover, when accidents occur you may not be the only one concerned. Liability coverage may save you a lot of financial trouble if the accident affects others.

4. You’re Forgetting The Contents in Your Trailer:

Even if you look down on the worth of your trailer. How about the contents of it? They probably could be worth so much. Content coverage could save you some financial grief in case of such loss.

5. Your Campers Are In Long-term Storage:

Even when you store your campers away, trouble could still meet your precious vehicle in your store room. It is still prone to vandalism, theft, or weather disasters. In such a case without comprehensive coverage, you have incurred a hefty loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is insurance required for camper trailers?” answer-0=”No, insurance is not legally compulsory for camper trailers but it is highly recommended you get your Campers insured against unfortunate damages that may cost you huge financial losses.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What types of coverage are available for camper trailers?” answer-1=”The most essential coverages available for camper trailers are collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and content coverage. Additional feature coverages are liability coverage, emergency assistance, and liability coverage.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Where can I get camper trailer insurance?” answer-2=”You can get camper trailer insurance from major insurance companies. Compare quotes from RV insurance providers.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How much does camper trailer insurance cost?” answer-3=”The cost of Camper insurance depends on several factors such as the value of your camper trailer, how frequently you use it, and the combination of your coverage of choice.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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Though it is not legally compulsory to get insurance for Camper trailers, getting yours insured is still a wise investment. Based on your needs and the potential risk you may encounter while enjoying that camping ensure you make the right choice and get the best coverage for your camper trailers.

Hope you got value!

We hope to see you again!

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