12+ Best Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia – 2023

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Its no secret that maintaining a great oral health is crucial, not just for a captivating smile but for our overall health. So, for the sake of cost effectiveness, having dental insurance in Nova Scotia is so necessary for you, your family and any group in need.

We will take a look at 12 best dental insurance in Nova Scotia. Let’s quickly delve into this.

Understanding Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia

When it comes to dental coverage in Nova Scotia, Here are a few different types of dental insurance plans that I will need you to understand

  • Indemnity plans
  • Preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and
  • Health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Indemnity plans offer you the most flexibility in terms of choosing dental providers, but they may have higher out-of-pocket costs. PPOs and HMOs usually have networks of dentists, with PPOs offering more flexibility than HMOs.

We always advise that you take some of your time to read and understand your dental insurance policy, so you can know the specifics of your coverage, including deductibles, copayments, and annual maximums.

The Cost of Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia

The cost of your dental insurance in Nova Scotia can vary depending on various factors such as:

  • The level of coverage
  • Deductibles, and 
  • Insurance provider.

On average, You can get a good dental insurance premium in Nova Scotia within the range of $30 and $80 per month. It’s important to check your budget and determine how much you can comfortably allocate toward dental insurance.

Additionally, you can consider how affordable the plan is by comparing the premiums with the coverage offered. Some insurance providers may offer discounts or lower premiums for certain demographics such as families or seniors.

Evaluating Dental Insurance Providers in Nova Scotia

We advise that you consider these factors whenever you will be evaluating dental insurance providers in Nova Scotia:

  • Reputation
  • Coverage options
  • Premiums, and
  • Customer satisfaction.

Additionally, consider the premiums and deductibles associated with each plan. It will also be beneficial to you that you read customer reviews and ratings to get insights into the experiences of others with the dental insurance provider.

Look for positive feedback regarding claim processing, customer service, and the overall satisfaction of policyholders.

If you can carefully evaluate these dental insurance providers, you will definitely select a reliable company that offers comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support.

Tips for Maximizing Dental Insurance Benefits

Here are some strategies you can employ to make the most of your dental insurance benefits in Nova Scotia:

  1. Firstly, you have to prioritize preventive care such as regular check-ups and cleanings since they are typically covered at higher percentages or fully covered by insurance.
  2. Maintaining good oral hygiene and catching dental issues early can help you prevent more expensive treatments in the future.
  3. Additionally, be aware of the annual maximum limit of your insurance policy and plan treatments accordingly to avoid exceeding the coverage.
  4. It’s also beneficial to choose dental providers within your insurance network to take advantage of negotiated rates and avoid out-of-network charges.
  5. Understanding your coverage details, and take your time to go through your policy documents including any waiting periods or limitations.
  6. Lastly, consider bundling dental insurance with other types of health insurance to potentially save on premiums and streamline coverage. Simple!

10+ Best Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia

Here are the 10 Top Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia:

  • Special Benefits Insurance Services (SBIS)
  • Scotia Insurance
  • Dental Programs by the Government of Scotia
  • Health Association Nova Scotia
  • Blue Country Insurance
  • Equis Group Benefits
  • Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS)
  • NSCC
  • Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia
  • Canada Life

#1. Special Benefits Insurance Services (SBIS)

SBIS still remains one of the most recognized dental insurance providers in Canada. They provide an array of quality and affordable Nova Scotia Dental Insurance Plans that can help you offset the cost of seeing a dentist by reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

They have numerous plans from Green Shield Canada, Manulife Financial, GMS, and other providers to help meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

And Whether you have a full-time or part-time job, have recently come off group coverage, or haven’t been covered in years… with SBIS, all that doesn’t matter.

Feel free to check them out.

#2. Scotia Insurance

Coverage Features: Health and Dental Plan

Scotia Insurance is one of the few health insurers that offer Health and Dental Insurance in Nova Scotia at:

  • Affordable group rates
  • Lifetime Protection
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Simple and Fast Reimbursement, and
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Just like Scotia Insurance will always quote “They help you pay for things that employer and provincial healthcare plans don’t cover.

For you, your spouse, or your dependent to be eligible to apply for this dental coverage you must be:

  • 18 to 64 years old
  • a Canadian resident
  • a Scotiabank customer or the spouse of a Scotiabank customer
  • You are covered by a provincial or territorial health care plan and others.
  • Use the button to learn more.

#3. Dental Programs by the Government of Nova Scotia

These are government-sponsored dental programs to help eligible people in Nova Scotia access good dental coverage.

Some of these government-sponsored dental coverages include:

  • Children’s Oral Health Program
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program
  • Individuals with Special Needs w Health Program and many more…

Note that if your dental services are covered outside of Nova Scotia, you won’t access this coverage.

You can check the out.

#4. Health Association Nova Scotia

The dental insurance coverage by this Insurer is so cool that if you have been hired as a permanent employee to work at least 40% of a regular work week, you are automatically entitled to dental coverage for you, your spouse, and dependents.

However, your dependent child will be considered an employee’s or spouse’s child if he/she is:

  • Under age 21 or under 26 years old and a full-time student at an accredited school, college, or university
  • Legally Unmarried (or by common law);
  • Not employed on a full-time basis; and is not eligible for benefits as an employee under this or any other group plan.

This coverage covers Basic, Major, and Orthodontic dental services.

Feel free to check them out.

#5. Blue Country Insurance

Blue Country Insurance works with Medavie Blue Cross to provide quality dental insurance plans in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Through Blue Country Insurance, you will access Medavie Blue Cross’s stand-alone dental insurance with 70% dental coverage at a maximum.

The dental benefits here include:

  • Preventive Services
  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Restorative services
  • Surgical services
  • Denture services and many others.

#6. Equips Group Benefits

Coverage Features: Health and Dental Plan, Orthodontics…

This is an Organisation that offers personal health and Dental insurance plans.

Some of the coverages offered include:

  • Extended Health care
  • Drug coverage
  • Basic & Routine Dental
  • Major Restorative Dental
  • Orthodontics Coverage, and others.

Feel free to know more about them.

#7. Doctors Nova Scotia

Coverage Features: Health and Dental Plan, 3-month period

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) offers you a comprehensive health and dental insurance plan administered by the amazing “Canada Life”. As a new member, you will be eligible after following a 3-month waiting period.

They have a pretty presentation to let you understand your dental insurance plan earlier.

Use the button to learn more.

#8. NSCC

Coverage Features: Health and Dental Plan, 12-month period

This is another amazing provider of quality health and dental insurance plans for students in Nova Scotia. These insurance plans also include extended health and dental benefits for a 12-month period, and this is mainly for full-time students

To be eligible or automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan, you must be a domestic student enrolled in a full-time or customized program that’s 20 weeks or longer in duration.

You also should be an international student who enrolled in the following programs:

#9. Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia

This organization works with one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit health insurance companies, Green Shield Canada as their insurance provider, to provide quality and affordable health and dental insurance plans.

Source - Cosmetology Association NS - One of the Best Dental Insurance Nova Scotia
Source – Cosmetology Association NS – One of the Best Dental Insurance Nova Scotia

They also offer you two plans to choose from:

  • The Maple Program
  • The Employee Assistance Program

Do well to check them out and learn more about them.

#10. Canadalife

This is a provincial government health plan that provides basic dental coverages like yearly checkups, cleanings, and fillings.

Do well to maximize all your provincial dental health offers.

Source - Canada Life - One of the Best Dental Insurance Nova Scotia
Source – Canada Life – One of the Best Dental Insurance Nova Scotia

Feel free to use the button it learn more.

2 Low-Income Dental Coverage in Nova Scotia

Dental care is an important part of overall health, but it can be expensive. For people with low incomes, dental care can be out of reach. Fortunately, there are a number of programs in Nova Scotia that can help people with low incomes get the dental care they need.

Below are 2 low-income dental coverage in Nova Scotia:

  • Employment Support and Income Assistance (ESIA)
  • Children’s Oral Health Program

#1. Employment Support and Income Assistance (ESIA)

The ESIA program provides financial assistance to people who are unable to work due to a disability or other reasons. The program also covers some dental care, including emergency dental care and dental care for children.

To be eligible for ESIA dental coverage, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia
  • Be receiving ESIA benefits
  • Have a household income below a certain level

#2. Children’s Oral Health Program

The Children’s Oral Health Program provides free dental care to children under the age of 18 who are from low-income families.

To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia
  • Be under the age of 18
  • Have a household income below a certain level

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for the different programs available in Nova Scotia to help people with low incomes get dental care?

The eligibility requirements for the different programs available in Nova Scotia to help people with low incomes get dental care vary from program to program. However, in general, you must be a resident of Nova Scotia and have a household income below a certain level.

What are some tips for saving money on dental care?

If you do not qualify for any of the programs mentioned above, you can shop around for dental care, ask about discounts, take advantage of free or low-cost dental care programs, and Get dental care when you need it.

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As we bring our exploration on the 12 best dental insurance in Nova Scotia to a close, it is now all left for you to choose the insurance plan that suits you best. Remember that the best plan is one that meets your needs and as well suits your budget.

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